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Step Towards Clean And Sustainable Crypto Industry

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About Us

We're the Trip Foundation. Our goal is to promote the use of clean and renewable energy in a sustainable manner. To archive this, we invest in renewable energy project as afforestation, which generates carbon certificates and supports our ecosystem of Trip Booking, Trip Insurance and Trip Medical.

We utilize blockchain technology to offer a ReFi platform for individuals worldwide. This platform rewards contributors for preserving the planet.

Carbon Crisis
Destroy the

Carbon dioxide concentration at record high 414 ppm (2021) Earth's average temperature increased by 1.2% since 19th Ocean acidity increased by 26% since industrial Revolution Air pollution causes 7M premature deaths annually, affect 91% of the world's population.

Deforestation accounts for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon Footprint

As seen from annual energy consumption the majority chunk of energy is consumed by Bitcoin which is being number 1 ranked currency on CoinMarketCap.

Other related energy consumption being Running a exchange, hosting of NFT and meta verse related projects

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Carbon Certificate

Carbon certificates are tradable permits to offset carbon emissions. One carebon certificate is equivalent to one metric ton of CO2 or equivalent greenhouse gases. Companies can buy carbon certificates in renewable energy project to offset their carbon emissions.

With the world facing urgent climate challenges, carbon certificates are more important than ever as a way for businesses and organizations to take action on climate change and create a sustainable future.


Meeting sustainability goals:
Carbon certificates help businesses reduce carbon emissions to meet sustainability goals.


Improving public perception:
Companies and organizations can improve public perception by demonstrating a commitment to reducing carbon emissions.


Potential financial benefits:
The revenue from carbon certificates can fund renewable energy projects, providing financial benefits for companies while helping to address climate change.

GW Foundation Plan To Plant Trees Around The Globe To Get Carbon Credits

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GW Foundation invests in afforestation as part of its efforts to promote sustainable practices and mitigate climate change. Afforestation involves planting trees in areas where there was previously no forest cover, with the aim of increasing the amount of carbon stored in the trees and soil. By investing in afforestation, TripFoundation generates carbon credits, which can be sold to organizations and individuals looking to offset their carbon emissions.

In addition to generating carbon credits, afforestation has a range of other benefits, including supporting biodiversity, improving air and water quality, and providing livelihoods for local communities. By planting trees around the globe, TripFoundation is helping to address the Carbon Crisis and build a more sustainable future for all.

Our Impact


124,834 Trees Planted

Associate with planting projects - we help replant tree at deforestation areas.


46+ Hectares Restored

We work with high-impact reforestation project across the globe.


40+ Trees Planted

Our innovative methodologies measure improvements


11.000 People Involved

We unite group with thousands of people with the same goal to heal the earth

Why Choose Us?

Direct impact
Our project prioritizes community engagement for a positive environmental impact.
Carbon Certificates
We use carbon certificates to offset our carbon footprint and promote sustainable crypto practices.
Our decentralized blockchain ensures transparency, security, and independence from government and corporate control.

Regenerative Finance

The key of sustainable energy future depend on the contribute to the Regenerative Finance

Regenerative finance (Refi) focuses on sustainable development, social justice, and environmental stewardship. It considers the broader impacts of investments on people and the planet, and by directing capital to regenerative projects and businesses, it creates a more sustainable and equitable economy. Refi proves that financial success and positive social and environmental impacts are not mutually exclusive. Investors can achieve both goals by embracing Refi..